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(1 - 5 years old)

After almost six years and helping 100 children to find their forever families in US, Adopt a Waiting Child is closing. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

On this page you can see pictures of the children waiting for a family. Please, note that availability of any child is a subject to change without notice.

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Masha, 2009

Masha is a beautiful little girl with a diagnosis of hydrocephalus. She is in need of a loving family.


Doug is turning 5 y.o. this year, he is very cute boy, he is friendly and smart. He likes to play with other children and is very friendly.


Ana is 5 y.o. She is a very sweet little girl, active and smart. She can be adopted this year.

Ivan 3 y.o.

He is very smart, smarter and more developed than many of the family boys of his age. He is shy first but when he get to know you - he will become the nicest and the most adorable child ever.

Ksenia, DOB: August, 2009, KRM

Ksenia is a wonderful girl, very cheerful and smiles a lot. She has HIV and is waiting for a special family to adopt her.

My family found me.

Vera, July 2007

Curious, honest, patient. Development delays.

Brian 2 y.o

Brian, 2 y.o. boy with Down syndrome. This adorable boy needs a family who will love him for his happy personality and nice smile.

Nick, 2011

Nick is a beautiful little boy with some medical issues on his face, he has a cleft palate and hypoplasia of his cheek.

Bogdan, 2010

Bogdan is a cute 3 y.o. boy with some medical issues: spina bifida and hydrocephalus, he needs a special family to adopt him.

Julia 5 y.o.

Julia is 5 y.o.,she is very energetic and full of positive attitude. She loves to play dolls and to spend time outside. 


Nora is turning 5 y.o. in May, she needs a family to adopt her.

Tanechka 5 y.o.

Tanechka is 5 y.o. We are looking for a family for Tanya for a while and still did not find any. Please, spread the word about this beautiful child in need of a loving family! 

Alex, 2010

Alex was born in 2010, she is very cheerful and happy girl.

Nathaniel, May 2009

Good natured, organized. Development delays.

Manuel, December 2010

Broadminded, industrious.
Q21.3 - Tetralogy of Fallot

Egor, May 2007

Cheerful, easygoing. Other forms of epilepsy, hypermetropia. Egype is active and playful child. He is loving and caring.

Aaron, October 2011

Sensitive, friendly. Down Syndrome. Aaron has development delays in an easy stage typical for children who live in orphanages. He can sit, pick up toys and likes to play. Aaron is friendly and very sociable.

Bethany, May 2009

Cheerful, easygoing. HIV. Has a brother DOB: 2005. Brother HIV+ too. More information will be provided upon request.

Anne, April 2010

Creative, curious, cheerful. Healthy. Has a brother Ofir DOB: February 2007. Brother is healthy.

Anna, July 2006

Sensitive, friendly and sociable. Tuberculosis infection, easy delays deficiency, easy paraparesis flail legs.

Christina, May 2008

Cheerful, sociable. HIV, cardiac murmur, umbilical hernia.

Valeriy. DOB: January 2010

Valeriy is happy, sociable boy.

Artur. Born 2010

Atrur is quiet and calm, he loves to play with his toys. He loves attention of adults.

Aaron. Born in 2010

Aaron is a shy and quiet boy. He blossoms when gets adult attention.

Miroslav – 2009

Very nice boy with cerebral palsy diagnosis. Miroslav speaks, loves to play with toys and has a positive personality. The boy is very good and has good prognoses for the future.

Nina, 2010

She is an extremely sweet and nice little girl, who needs a family.

Tamara, Dec, 2011

Very sweet little girl, cheerful and happy.


Availability of children is subject to change without notice.

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